Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ok, so lets face it sometimes there are aspects of the beauty culture that are not so pretty...ingrown hair happens to be one of them! Ingrown hair is common and can occur at random or on a regular basis and will manifest in all different parts of our bodies where we grow and then try to remove hair. By definition ingrown hair is a hair that will curl itself back into the hair follicle, when this happens the hair gets embedded back into the skin and continues to grow, this can lead to bumps, redness, irritation and sometimes even infection.  Most traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing, tweezing and threading can potentially lead to ingrowns. If any of these methods are not done well or too aggressive the hair is usually broken at a sharp tip or an angle causing the hair to not easily break through the skin and curl back into the follicle. can you prevent ingrowns....first I  must say if you are getting waxed and having consistent ingrowns sad to report your wax tech is not doing a great job and you should move on. If waxing is your preferred method of hair removal be sure to exfoliate before your appointment. Use a sugar scrub, the texture will not only help rid the skin of built up dead skin which can make it hard for the hair to break through but sugar is also a natural occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid which creates are deeper exfoliation. If you prefer to shave you can also use the sugar scrub method first, do not press the razor too hard on the skin, shave against the hair growth, shave towards the end of the shower when the steam has softened the skin and avoid shaving the same area more then once....this will only cause more irritation and bumps. In terms of treating ingrowns there are simple solutions, whether it is done at home or in the treatment room a few extra steps after your method of hair removal can help you avoid these annoying and unsightly ingrowns. Use an astringent like Witchazel on the area that has had the hair removed, this will help tighten the pore and keep the skin from bacteria and infection. In between your preferred method of hair removal exfoliating  the skin regularly will help minimize the ingrowns, again I love the sugar scrub or a scrub that has Gycolic and/or Saliyic acid, a loofah or dry brush will do...just do something! Although I do not advise popping or breaking the skin when an ingrown is out of control and infected, see a doctor or esthetician. if you must apply a warm compress for 3-5 minutes, use a sterile needle, be sure to squeeze the skin till the hair pushes itself out and apply an astringent to clean the area. Remember just like picking your face will cause marking the same applies to other areas of your don't go bananas!!! If ingrowns are something chronic for you, you can always consider laser hair removal or threading as it tends to be less aggressive. Whether it is winter or sunny summer the point of hair removal is to be clean, soft and smooth...find the method that works best for you and take good care of your skin.
***just want to shout out my new favorite waxer in the Portland Oregon area, Ginny at Blooming Moon Wellness Spa on N. Killingsworth, she is a master of her craft...go see her and tell her you heard about her here!***

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